Staycation to Nirvana

Staycation to Nirvana India Siddhnath Ki Dari Waterfall

So we’re talking about staycation. I’ll come to that in a bit. We’ll take a little detour first. Read through.

Do you think I was born to remain in one spot? Grounded like a tree? I didn’t think so either. No offences intended here – I love trees, I respect them. I think they do a splendid job serving their life’s purpose by staying in the same place for their eternity. But I’m a human animal, and I’ve got hands and legs. I reckon I should make better use of them than just going from home to work to the mall and back.

I advocate travelling. Lots of travelling.

I carry in my heart a longing to explore, to wander off to far-off places. Do not try to cage me; I belong to the earth, to the oceans, to the stars.


But I live in a systematic, structured, constraining world breaking-free of which is unfathomable. At least for the majority of mankind that is the true story. It is not always possible to wander away to a distant land. I get it – financial obligations, social commitments, etc. etc. That’s where staycation comes to the rescue. In a nutshell, Staycation is a vacation close to home; or even…at home. Laura Gariepy from Charlie will tell you what and how. Let me just elude by saying that I’ve got to keep moving. Go wander away from my rut for a bit. See someplace new. Experience something new. Do something I’ve never done before. Get adventurous. Get romantic.

It is said that travelling is the only thing that you can buy which makes you richer. Stimmt. Alright so I’ll go short on the bank balance by a few cents and rattle the budget a bit. But then what are the bucks for if not to make me richer? So I want to buy a larger TV. Okay, I’ll go ahead and postpone it. The latest, flashiest smartphone? Perfect. It can wait too. All of those gleaming things are amazing so long as they fulfil me. After all I’m hell-bent upon feeding my senses for fulfilment…and I’m convinced I’ll feed them until I die. But what about the sense-less, real ME? The shapeless, nameless ME? I’ll probably hit home to nirvana, eventually, in that indefinable space. But I’ve got to do the journey to arrive home – just like I showed-up on planet earth to act the theatre, after a bit only to return backstage. Isn’t it so?

Until the time that my battle between materials of the world and the experiences-still-not-experienced ends; and until being completely free of the worldly impediments becomes ultimately fathomable, I shall not become a tree.

And what about YOU?

That’s right. Go travel…or go on a staycation. It’ll the least revivify you until you’re ready for the bigger journey home.

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