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Schön, dass du hier bist!

That’s German for saying: We’re glad that you’re here. ITH has been in the hostelling business since 2013. You can read all about it here.

ITH Stays is driven by some very experienced minds in the industry. By becoming an ITH Franchisee you will be building your future in the hospitality sector with our premium hostel & bistro business.

This is how you qualify to become an ITH Franchisee:

Hands-on Mentality
In order to ensure that the premium ITH promise is kept for our customers, your hands-on approach is required
Positive Attitude
A positive attitude is critical in any success story. For you to succeed with ITH, your positivity is of utmost importance
Drive to Succeed
You will be committed to the business and have the passionate drive to become a success story
Nothing is more important than a customer-oriented approach to running a hospitality business
Wandering Heart
If you’re a wandering heart yourself, then you’d better understand what your customers need. It’ll be a huge advantage for you to be a traveller

We Help You with Everything

Once you sign-up for the ITH Franchise, our team will walk you through the whole process from start to launch, and then for the rest of it after that:

Our dedicated team will help you with setting up the business from the get-go to hostel launch
We will help streamline all operations after the launch and make sure that you’re comfortable in your shoes
Sales Activities
Sales planning to channel management to offers & promotions – we help you with everything
Online Marketing
We run effective online marketing campaigns regularly resulting in better brand outreach and recognition
Partner Associations
So that you can maximise your profits and smoothen your operations, we help you in negotiations for tie-ups
Audit & Support
We audit you and provide regular support to ensure that you can deliver the best hostelling experience possible

Become an ITH Franchisee Now

If you meet the profile and feel as excited about this venture as we do, please get started by downloading the ITH Franchise Overview document and then filling out our Franchise Application Form.

All information provided will be treated with strict confidentiality.

ITH Advantage

Get an overview of what being an ITH-branded hostel is like

Premium Rates

ITH-branded rooms come at a premium – thanks to our well-equipped, well-designed, high-quality rooms and communal spaces backed by amazing hospitality.

Higher Occupancy

Branded with our friendly ITH logo is likely to deliver higher occupancy rates than the market average.

Lower Commission Rates

Our franchise commission rates are set to be competitive without eating into your profits. Plus you get reduced commission rates for the first 6 months to ease your infancy stage.

Save on Franchise Fees

The first 3 franchisees will save on the franchise fees. Get the first-mover advantage by signing-up now.

ITH Growth

Let the numbers speak for themselves. Below chart shows our year-on-year growth since launching in 2013.

ITH Revenue Year-on-Year Growth Chart

ITH Revenue Year-on-Year Growth Chart – August 2022

Robust Rebound

Weathering the challenges brought on by Covid-19, ITH has shown signs of robust rebound after sustaining a drop in revenue by just under 25% in the year 2020.


ITH properties are among the highest rated in the industry. The chart below shows our review ratings on our top booking channels (reviewed quarterly).

Hostel Ratings
Rated 8.7/10 87%
Rated 9.8/10 98%
Rated 9/10 90%
Rated 4.3/5 86%
Rated 4.7/5 94%
Rated 4.6/5 92%
Rated 4.5/5 90%


ITH launched its first Homestay unit in September 2019. Unfortunately, it was closed in June 2020 due to Coronavirus-induced difficulties.

Homestay on
Rated 8.5/10
Homestay on Google
Rated 5/5
Homestay on TripAdvisor
Rated 5/5


Hostel & Homestay* on Airbnb
Rated 4.8/5

*The Homestay market is expected to substantially grow in the coming years. So if you’ve been thinking about starting one, this is the right time to get in touch with us!

Call us to speak about the prospects

Franchise Application Form

Once through with this, our team will review the application and get in touch with you soon afterwards

Franchise Application
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Do you already own or manage a functional hospitality business? *
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Please name the city where you want to place the business and explain why you think it would be a successful location for a travellers' hostel and/or bistro
Do you have a potential property in the above location? *
How many floors does the property have? *
Does it have elevator(s)? *
Which of the following attributes does the property have? *
Do you already have the appropriate licence to operate this business?
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