Vegetarian/Vegan Breakfast at ITH

Vegan & Vegetarian Breakfast & Meals at Varanasi Hostel

Since the very beginning we have considered, reconsidered, and then each time dropped the idea of free buffet-style breakfast. Instead we choose to serve homemade food that is made to order. This ensures that at ITH you always receive high-quality and healthy food with great service.

Breakfast – Day’s Most Important Meal

Breakfast is the most important meal of a day even in the normal day-to-day life situation. But travellers are not normal folks. We go out there and do things on our feet. So for folks like yourself it’s even more critical to kick-start the day with proper nutrition. And of course it’s gotta be tasty to set the tone of the day right.

At International Travellers’ Hostel we take pride in offering high-quality services that are rendered with the utmost love & care. We also stand for diversity. Therefore, we also take special care of and pay attention to the foods we serve. Almost everything coming out of our kitchen is freshly made using the freshest ingredients possible. This is why we don’t offer so-called “free breakfast”. We instead let our guests choose breakfast inclusive rates. And it gets even better because the breakfast at ITH is not the standard buffet-style eat-all-you-want. At our hostel you can choose your favourite item from our à la carte food menu.

Breakfast Time at Varanasi Hostel ITH

Our most popular items are the Fruit Müsli, Aaloo Paratha, Poha and the ITH Sandwich. Whereas our most loved local specialty is Chura-Matar. Each breakfast that you book online is served with a generous portion of our signature Masala Chai. Also loved by our guests is our coffee. We use premium Italian coffee (Lavazza) and traditional Italian percolator for an authentic experience! India is a country that is not big on coffee, traditionally. But we understand the desires of coffee lovers and therefore go that extra step to offer the very best.

How to Book Breakfast Inclusive Rates

You can book our breakfast inclusive rates, which are of course optional, through our own website as well as through and If you book through, or their associates, then most likely you’re booking the rate sans breakfast.

So there is always clear demarcation between prices that include breakfast and those that don’t. Our standard rate remains to be without.

Orders can be placed on the spot or alternatively guests can place pre-orders the night before.

Good food also needs a good space to enjoy. Well, we have awesome spaces for you – Outdoor: A lovely green garden and a first-floor terrace;  Indoor: Of course the small bistro seating area as well as the common room!

What do you think? Please share your thoughts on the importance of breakfast and the quality of food that you expect.

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