Condolences to Suvra Chowdhury

Suvra Chowdhury

We want to extend our heartfelt condolences to our ex-staff member Suvra Chowdhury (a.k.a. Suvro) who in a tragic incident lost his beloved fiancée just days ago.

Suvra, immediately after finishing an 8-month gig at ITH, had planned to move to Giethoorn in the Netherlands with dreams of purchasing a bungalow in this picturesque European town. Seemingly in a last-minute change of plans, he and his childhood sweetheart ended up in the US instead. Within 10 days of departing India, however, life took a fateful turn when he returned home to discover that the woman he had spent the past many months planning to marry, lay dead at the place of their lodging.

The cause of his fiancée’s death remains unknown at this stage. Suvra wanted her last rites to take place in the Indian city of Bangalore, and that’s where he was headed with her remains in the developments as of Monday, 19. August.

Suvro broke the news to an ITH guest through WhatsApp. We consequently reached out to him to offer support as soon as we heard the news.

Suvra had finished his tenure at ITH just days ago, in the first week of this month. His plan was to migrate out of India by August 10th, 2019.

He had made plans of his own and many together with ITH guests to travel the world. Ironically he lost a precious gift whilst fulfilling one of his passionate desires.

Kalyanee Mulay and Suvro Chowdhury
ITH Guest (NOT his fiancée) Kalyanee Mulay and Suvro Chowdhury, November 2018

Suvra Chowdhury with ITH Guests

During his time at ITH Suvra hosted hundreds of domestic and international guests, many of whom he became close friends with. The high standards of his genial hospitality rendered to ITH guests is testified by the numerous reviews left by our guests online with his due mention.

Suvra Chowdhury, in his brief time with us, had become an integral part of the ITH family. Initially joining as a Guest Service Associate in November 2018, he swiftly rose through the ranks to become the Hostel Manager. Whilst with us he was a well-spoken lad who shared many of his stories with our staff and family. The news of the death of Suvro’s fiancée came as an utter shock to us. What makes it especially hard is the sequence of his difficult life before this. Suvro had already lost his parents in a car crash in his childhood. His only family left is his sister, who also was due to get married this past July, but her marriage was called-off after the aunt of her groom-to-be passed away just days before their wedding.

Through this notice we want all of our guests, associates and everyone else who had come across Suvra to know about his devastating situation. We truly hope that you would send your wishes & prayers along his way from wherever you are. As close to almost everyone he met that Suvra became, in this difficult time we want to offer him our full emotional support. We also wanted our guests who had grown so close to Suvra to know about this so that they can as well reach out to him when he needs it the most.

Before joining ITH, Suvra, who hails from Kolkata, had been working as an investment banker at a well-known firm in Bangalore. The gig at ITH was part of his sabbatical.

We wish Suvro Chowdhury strength to get past these tragic times and hope that time will soon turn in his favour.

– From everyone at ITH

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