A Luxurious Hostel Room

Varanasi Hostel Superior Double Room at ITH

Superior Double Room

Back in the beginning of the second quarter of 2014 when we planned the first private double room of our hostel, we had our minds set – the room had to be unique and luxurious. The challenge was our unusual location in the middle of the city. The room had to be a perfect balance of the character of a hostel accommodation, yet with a slight hint of the luxury of a hotel en-suite.

Thus manifested our gorgeous Superior Double Bedroom with en-suite facilities. The room is furnished with an elegant king-sized bed, a powerful 2-tonne AC, wireless music dock, indoor seating space and of course the chic en-suite bathroom with high-quality bath-fittings and décor – all enclosed in a cottage-style room with a view of our beautiful garden through floor-to-ceiling windows spread across the entire length of the room.

We have put a lot of thought and care into making this room for you. The Superior Double Room at ITH with tasteful interiors is the perfect refuge to come back to after a long day out into the hectic city. Especially designed keeping loving couples in mind, it is the best choice accommodation for flashpackers, and even backpackers with a slightly flexible budget.

Sociable Common Areas

Fast Wi-Fi keeps you connected in your room. DVD player and games are available in the common room to ensure that you’re still as social during your luxurious retreat as you would be any other time at any other hostel. And of course, there is good coffee, cosy couches and books.

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